Friday, February 26, 2010

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

Charlotte Russe Cardi bargain bin $4.99 Charlotte Russe tiered chiffon mini dress $25. Ross Scarf. Splash Heeled Clogs circa 2004.

I love thin scarves. They can substitute for necklaces. And they still do the job of keeping my neck warm. I struggle with scarves all the time because they're normally too long and by the time I finish wrapping my neck with it, I look like I'm being love choked by a boa constrictor.

So I obsessively buy shoes because they all look like they're must-haves. Nevermind the fact that they go with absolutely nothing in my wardrobe, I still buy them because who knows, I might spy the perfect outfit that will go with it in the near future. But that is not the case with these clogs. I've had them for 5 years and never got around to wearing them till today. Thank goodness, they don't look too horribly passé. I'm not a contender for the person with most pair of shoes in my family, though. My sister, Yasmin has a roomful of shoes. It's like a shoe boutique. I tell you, I come by it honestly.

Charlotte Russe Flower Bracelet. Walmart Brooch bargain bin $3
Target Argyle Socks. F21 Leggings $4


  1. now this. is. my. favourite outfit of you. NINDOT KAU KA TANAWN XIOX :) can i say it again? like a doll.

    i cannot possibly think of an outfit like this. not even in polyvore. yup, only xiomara indeed.

  2. Aaayyy...thank you kaayo Gov. It feels so good to have someone understand me and my sense of fashion (or lack thereof) Haha!

  3. The rules are...there aren't any!