Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nessie On My Tee

Paris Blue Jeans $25.My Kayla Chucks. Furry Black Cat hat

Ha!Ha! Those were the first two syllables that came out of my mouth when I beheld this shirt. When they printed this shirt they had me in mind. See closer view below. Nessie didn't appreciate the canards hanging out in his turf. He didn't hesitate to show them how he feels. Damn usurping duckies! or swans...whatever.

Ralph Lauren Cardi. Rue 21 shirt $8

...and this my tribute photo to my shirt manipulated on good ol' trusty photoshop.


  1. A Lochness Monster of a shirt. Numdum kos libro nga Mysteries of the Unknown ba to? Xio, overall outfit rating: 100% I like!

  2. Pusoy! Thank you...I waas hoping someone would comment on it kay I really loved that shirt! Lagpas og concept. Cute kaayong Nessie nang hiwi sa mga itik. Hahah...

    Oooh karun I have a whole set of the Time Life Books nga lain lain ang topics pero puro mga kahibulongan...