Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Sweat the Short Stuff

F21 Knitted Sweater Coat Sale rack $8! Rue 21 Military Bib Shirt $15. L.E.I. shorts. Thrifted belt.Sweater legging Rue 21. Frye Boots. F21 and Rue 21 Necklaces circa

I forgot my memory card reader at work so I wasn't able to take photos on familiar grounds so here I am taking a quick photo at work. That blue fella who wanted to be in the picture is called Meep. He was designed by a good friend/colleague, Squeezy Peters. Her and I designed these line of characters for work. Mine are all on top and hers in the bottom. Pretty neat huh? My job is fun!

I got inspired to dress up in shorts and leggings like my fellow covenettes, Jesseca and Chaxmarion are infamous for. I hope my short legs can stand being quasi-exposed like this...

Top L to R: Lolly, Klanky, Snookie
Bottom Lto R: Meep, Mr. Fuzz, Bobble


  1. Nuts for wearing shorts today!! You look angry in this picture too. So we should go thrift storing again soon, though I know you are saving your money and have enough wardrobe to dress differently 365 days of the year so you don't need anything else to stuff in that closet.

  2. Tab, I always look angry. I think I have an older post that's titled "I'm Smiling Inside" that is somewhat an homage to my unsmiling countenance. Smiling hurts sometimes...but here's an ascii :)

  3. nindooot! especially ang color combo! :D

    ...uhm you dont look angry to me. you look more like a model.. you know, pouting and all :P hihi!

    taysa taysa... you design toys?!? ngano karon pa lagi ko! when i asked you what your job is, you were babbling about ambot di ko kahinumdum basta it didn't involve designing toys! tikasan!

  4. Sank yuh, Gov ^_^ Tabitha is just so used to seeing me crack her up and we're always in stitches when we're hanging out. Pero yeko ko anang model ha. Model sa mini-boden pwede? Haha.

    Hmm...I thought you knew. Among other things yes, I design toys when the project calls for it. A prototype Lolly graces our red couch at home.

  5. Luv ur sweater. Dad a inig october ha :D

    Ni comment ko sa FB dri nalang pud para daghan kag pans hehehe.. also luv sheer patterned hosiery, nihit lang dri so meaning,
    paliti ming Zor Xoxo, package gyud ha kay dugay pa kayo ang October uy. Baga kag naong insika ka daghan kag request! bwehehee!!

    Ingon diay si pusoy Xo "Frock on!!! " with Devil's horn hand sign gyud daw lol!

  6. Murag na input na gyud ni sa among utok imong frock On nga tagline da! Yeah Frock on!

  7. Jess, ngano dad-on man ni nakong sweatera nga ka init didto? unless naa ay ulterior motive na bingwiton. Sakpan na ka, Chinese Mafia! Anyway will look for sheer patterned leggings. I only own one on this post http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yHVyG2bkJoQ/Syul5y1B2nI/AAAAAAAAAJ4/LXoUN1q8-hU/s1600-h/jeunesse.jpg

    Soy, trademarked na.

  8. haha! dili uy nahan lang ko mutan aw sa imng sweater kung nice ba gyud :D Like ur patterned leggings.. isa ra sad ako pari pariha ani "dotted"

  9. OK for the most random comment ever, I was trying to find more kosmic komforts and I found your blog! I just got a snookie sleeping bag for my daughter and want to find a meep sleeping bag for my son... can tell me where your products are carried? So cool that you're the designer! Thought it was so cute and fun. (and side note, I found it at TJMaxx...never really buy clothes there but I'm a cheap bastard when it comes to clothes but I love fun fashion, i.e. I HEART F21...your blog really struck a cord!)
    Thanks so much.
    Kate :: nolanka@yahoo.com