Friday, February 19, 2010

Anthropologie: The Study of Overpriced Super Cute Clothes

Anthropologie Dress. HUE Red Leggings. Frye Boots.

I'm not frugal today. I could've bought several dresses with the money I spent on that one dress but it's totally cute, and prairie-like and it was screaming at me... "Buy me!" and my wallet was shedding tears...

I especially love dressing up on Fridays. I sometimes save my best week picks for Fridays. Fridays I also get to have lunch with my handsome boy, Thad so I gotta look especially worshipable. Hah!

So pumped for the Eisley gig this weekend I can't wait to see those lovelies.


  1. Aaaaaah that dress is screamin' at me tooooo!!!
    droolin' loveliness Xio-san!!!

    unya kay iscream nalng pud ko sa eisley concert apil ha? hehe

  2. ug kay nanay mag una nako'g comment :P

    kapila ko mag balik2x ani : mura jud ka'g doll! :D

  3. Sank yuh, Ru-chan ^_^ I'm going to try and make this dress with my trusty Singer. Murag sayun ra man ni nga pattern.

    Haha! Unhan sa Gov. Thank you...doll man jud! Pwede unta paris sa akong Tae-yang boy.

  4. Pakpak lang mi ani.. Frock on!!!hmp! :D