Monday, February 22, 2010

Hiya! Hyena

Threadless Shirt $15. Paris Blues $15.Kayla Chucks. Rainbow Blazer $3!

I'm still half asleep...thanks to Tylenol PM and drabby weather. At least my shirt has a sense of humor. It's a hyena saying LOL. Haha! I think.
Details on flare below kinda reflect my mood today. Hopefully it'll change after a 3rd cup of java.


  1. cool shirt!

    hey your feet did not go to its usual position, murag mao nilahi imo projection :P (lagi lagi himantayon kaayo!)

  2. Projecting androgen ko diri. Trying to do the lackadaisical hipster lad pose...hehe.

  3. haha hipster, quite dapper lad came to mind when i saw it. did you wear this ensemble to raid F21??? hehe

  4. Olark Bevs! Comfy shoes for hardcore shopping!