Thursday, April 12, 2012

Escaping From The World Where They Bake Beautiful Girls

I'm not doing good with this blogging business. So many things get in the way of it. My job for one thing and then the million other hobbies I have...along with myriads of other excuses. Heh. I blog when I feel like it. Period. March was a sad month, didn't feel like doing anything that would make me feel happy. The beginning of 2012 brought me a lot of sad news. A friend at work is worried that I might be depressed. I'm not. I'm just naturally grieving and more introspective I guess. I'm emotionally tired from sadness but no, it's not crippling me. I know I am ok ^_^ I don't think she is convinced but that's her job as a friend to look out for me and it's much appreciated. On a lighter note, I persuaded myself to teach myself Japanese. Well, half. I took some online lessons and I also did a lot of self study. I taught myself to read katakana. II think I'm doing good because あたしわにほんごがよむだ! 


It's a tad bit nipply so I'm wearing a cardi. It is STILL arctic in my office.


Shoes to perfectly match my cardi and these charming socks from Forever 21 are a perfect fit for my elfin feet. I don't have to fold them over! I got my peacock necklace form Cebu for $1.00.

That's it for now... till next time, holly up!