Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm A Lumberjill

Flannel Shirt Fresh Brewed. Rue 21 Sweater. Gifted Skirt. Sweater Stocking Sock Dreams.

I maybe dressed like a lumberjack but I'm a closet tree hugger even though trees freak me out. Where I come from, we have superstitious beliefs about malevolent spirits that dwell in trees. In my native language, we literally call them "not like us". That's why you will never find me camping.

My charming little blue bird necklace is my little way of ushering spring. There was a serious bidding war for it so I decided to not join in the clash. The gods of poverty must be looking down on me kindly because the next day I found a seller who was selling it for $5.00 including shipping when the other ended up at $28. Yay!

closer view of my little blue bird of happiness


  1. you made me get goosebumps when you said the words 'not like us'
    Waaaaaaaaah heheheheh

    Me lurrv that green!!!
    *waves hello to Xio-san..kawaiiii!*

  2. oh yeah new bangs! :D love it! nindot mana "not like us" they're faeries you know! :P hehehe...

    are the roses handpainted? nice..

  3. It must be the Assension Parish influence coming out in your wardrobe! LOL

  4. @Dimps: unya kay ang dili faeries man akong na think beh hihi

  5. Ru-chan! Arigato. Mao nang dili mag duwa duwa sa kalibunan kay mabuyagan pero dapaw ra bya diay to. Haha!

    Gov, wheeee naka notice gyud! IN other words, himantayon. Bwahaha! The roses are embroidered, gi taol nasad's Xiomara wala'y detail photo. Gomen!

    Chris, hardly, it's not camo ;-)

  6. aaah! mas nindot embroidered! :D yup im a himantayon! ikaw duha rako nimo hehehe ;)

  7. I didn't even notice the Twitter bird this morning. Oh right, that's because it was P.C. (pre-coffee).