Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mini Girl Mini Skirt

Wet Paint Cardi $17. Vintage Secretary Blouse.Rue 21 Floral Skirt bargain bin $8.99
Dollhouse Jeans $25 Soda Shoes

There's no way I'd get away with wearing that short a skirt at work. They'll lynch me, so I'm wearing it with a pair of denims. I am going to feel really crappy in the next few months of sweltering heat because it won't be healthy to wear cardigans. I hate summer.

Click on photo to enlarge. Ostrich Brooch from Forever 21 and Rue 21 Necklace, it's just one necklace but made to look like they're several layered necklaces.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gypsilly Rose

Embroidered Peasant Mini Dress (some boutique in Shenzen, China) probably about $14. Vintage Boot Cut Jeans. Fringe "Pocahontas" Wedges (mom-bought), Bracelets by Shekina

I don't think I will ever outgrow flowery embroidered clothes. There's a folkloric charm about it and since I live in my own folklore, I gotta dress for it. This particular top makes me long for that gypsy caravan I've been begging for Thad to make me but he's always so busy trying to rebuild C.H.O.M.P.S. his robotic dog from childhood. Oh, and that photo is a relic from the future.

Furr- rye-day!!! I'm so glad you're here!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unbeached Wail

Derek Heart Batik Dress $30. F21 Cardi. F21 necklaces

I wear jeans with dresses because I am not so crazy about my legs. I bruise easily, you know being an exquisite China doll can be a drag :-P and mosquito bites take a while to fade. My legs are riddled with dots that if you connect them, you can probably form a portrait of La Gioconda. You know who she is right? She is world famous! No? Wiki that shit, people.

This dress needs a beach scenery. Where's an unearthly spectacular paradise of a beach when you need one? Oh right, I left it to move here... this dress isn't really bayou-friendly :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On The Wings of A Mustard Chair

Rue 21 cardi. Rue 21 dress bargain $7.99 Vintage denims. Mom-bought heeled slippers.

This post is not about the outfit, it's about that wingback chair I snagged from the Salvation Army yesterday. I'm not sure where the chair was made but to me, it has that English drawing room flair to it albeit some drawing room of an eccentric recluse which is what I am fast becoming of so we're well matched.

I stragetically placed that chair right next to our bookcase, by the window and close to the fireplace (that you can't see on this photo). It's the perfect chair for curling up with a book. Thad can't curl in it though but he can smoke his
pipe and relive his days as a sailor on the high seas of my mood swings. Heh.

And So Did Tuesday...

Rue 21 cardi. F21 Smock. Paris Jeans. Mom-bought wedges.

Same excuse I had for Monday's post absentia, too damn busy. The smock looks like a romper from here. I've probably worn this smock 5 times since I bought it last year. It's my to go for shirt when I feel bloated. It disguises the gut. Haha. I think. I know it's getting warmer but I still have my trusty cardis on because it is cold in my office. Alrighty, late Tuesday post, frock on!

Monday Came In Too Late

F21 $25. Express Jeans.

This was supposed to be Monday's post but I was too busy with work, you know, that thing that supports my spending habits. I have worn this wannabe- Oaxacan top before on a cold December day, over a thermal. But this is very much so a spring/summer top because the fabric is gauzy-like. I love the embroidery on it! But the thing I don't love about it is it gets wrinkles really easy. Oh well. Frock on!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Smile!...and the Whole World Will Think I'm Creepy

Charlotte Russe embroidered top $25. Cardigan by Absolutely. Vintage Boot Cut Denims.
Sweet Seventeen Mules.
Necklaces Rue 21

For people who don't know me in person but have chanced on this blog, they must think I'm the ornery sort. I just can't smile properly in photos. I believed I was smiling when I set the timer till I saw the outcome. Meh. I tried. I didn't have time to take another shot since I was in a hurry to get to work.

The star of this post is my clematis plant. I planted that flowering vine from bare root and now look at it! It's taking off. I'm quite proud of this achievement.

I'm still in neck-deep buried in a quagmire of deadlines but I am all happy because I snagged this 2.5 inches tall and full of awesome Gumball Brooch last night from ebay at the last 3 seconds. No one can rain on my parade today! Frock on, folkies!!!

Love's a gumball ^_^

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Twice The Vice

Rue 21 Pink & Gray cardi bargain $7.99 Lacey top $Rue 21 bargain bin $7.99 over brown Old Navy tanktop $8.00 Refuge Jeans (not frugal) Necklaces all Rue 21

This is my messy office. It's a sign of "I actually work." It just might not seem otherwise to people but as you can see here, I have someone else to share the burden. This photo can also be interpreted as Thad's Dream or Nightmare. Haha. Click on the photo to enlarge. I have populated my area with toys, work samples, work inspiration and trash.

Alright, I don't really don't have time to goof. So I gotta toddle pip! Frock on!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hip, Hip, Hippie Chic

Jennifer and Grace embroidered peasant top. Rue 21 Fringe Vest $12. Express Jeans. Vintage Mules.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I actually forgot it was today when I decided to dress all hippie, (well basically my uniform in college) or I would've worn my Mexican Oaxacan top. Squeezy, my friend at work thought I was dressed as a Mexican cowgirl. Haha! So I do have some sort of Mexican flair going on then.

I included the photo of how my backyard looks in bright morning light. It's so pretty. I never realized how massive that silver maple tree is but then when I'm standing in close proximity to anything, they look more gargantuan than they normally are. Woe is wee.

Trees are friends.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Not My Default

Striped cardi $7 on sale and grey mini dress $17 Rue 21. Vintage jeans.
Reef Flip Flops in Olive

I won't take credit for this combination because I bought the whole outfit (sans pants) the way it looked on the default display. I gravitated to the whole mismatched patterns and colors and how they still look good together. Rue 21 is about a 5 minute drive from my office so when I feel l need a little upper like when my highly creative job begins to saturate my mood in acid, I go to Rue 21. The clothes are very trendy and the prices are very wallet friendly. I have gotten to know the peeps who work there, too and they're awesome people. One of them is Rebecca. She is one uber-cool lady and it seems like we agree on style, too because we buy the same things!

By the way, Rue 21 didn't pay me to endorse their store. This is just a semi homage for the store that helps this slightly impecunious clotheshorse feel like $20 is a shopping spree budget.

Handmade necklace. Zombie Bear was originally a phone charm. I got the ivory color coated chain from Michael' voila!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dolled Up

Baby Doll dress from Aseras sa Colon 50 php. Very Blue Paris Jeans. Same shoesies from Friday's post. Bib necklace F21 $8.99 Union Jack ring $3.99 Rue 21

Every Cebuana reading this will know where I got my shirt. Most people are unaware of the hidden treasures in aseras stalls(side street boutiques) and the most wonderful thing about them is that you can haggle the prices down. The same top or dress you get from there are sold in high end boutiques at the mall with 300% mark ups. I bought the top when I was in Cebu about two years ago. It was originally priced at 150 php (Philippine peso) which is roughly almost 3 dollars. That is still cheap and I could've bought it for that price but it's the thrill of haggling that gives this frugal chick the ultimate high. I ended up paying 50 php which would be roughly a dollar and some cents. I did leave the salesgirl a tip which kind of defeats the purpose of haggling because I still parted with money but she was nice and funny. One thing I learned about living in the US is that good service should be rewarded.

Alright, let's see what Monday has in store for me...