Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hare Raising Adventure


Today is 1-11-11. _ I ought to buy a lottery ticket. I’m pretty sure this is an auspicious day.

It is fuhreezing!!! No magical snowy backgrounds for me. It’s just wet and windy. It’s one of those I-wish-I-was-in-bed-reading-Neil Gaiman-books kind of day… but work beckons.

It’s time to cut my bangs. You can’t see my eyes from these photos.

I bought my sweater from Forever 21. When I spied the adorable rabbit pattern on it, i knew I had to take it home. I don’t exactly remember where I got the skirt. I’d like to think I have a magic closet :-) You guys have seen my mustard Litas. I may just have to warn you that they will be a staple. I actually wanted to wear something normal-ish like what most people wear, sweatpants, sneakers and a sports hoodie (but then I don’t even own one) because I knew I was going to drop by the gas station. I didn’t want to walk in or stand outside pumping gas with a " look at me!!!" outfit. I told my husb about this concern and he said, “Why should that bother you? That’s how you dress. That’s who you are. Let them stare…” So there. I didn’t get to wear my outlandish garb because it was too cold anyway. I opted for this ensemble last minute. It’s not so bad.