Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crappy Chiaroscuro

Vintage Blouse ebay.Michael Star Sweater gifted by Squeezy Peters. Delias Jeans.Vintage lace up boots. Love Culture Belt. F21 necklace

I suck at speed photography. Not a whole lot of good shots come out when I am in a hurry. This is actually the best out of the crappy bunch. Lighting is poor but you get the general idea of what I have on. I have worn that belt before in my past post titled Teal Me Something.

Print detail on blouse. Elephant ring from Rue 21

Trying to recover from an allergy attack is not as bad as trying to shake off the remnants of sleep brought to you by Benadryl or Valium both efficacious in bringing about the Sandman in 6 seconds flat. My hypothalamus seems to create a force field when I take Loretab though because I'd be up all night. I think I'm falling asleep again. Maybe I am sleep typing.

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