Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Smiling Inside

New York Company Sweater. F21 Heritage Vest $8 bargain score! Aubergine Leggings HUE $15. True Religion Mini Denim

My sister Yasmin always tells me I look mad all the time. I think this photo captured that. That is my natural face. I am beginning to agree with her. If you look a little bit longer, laser beams will start shooting off of my eyes. One of my bestfriends, Cezoralene is a smiler. She smiles for no apparent reason. The best smile was when she was about to carve Hazel's face off during Sculpting Class...ahhh good times Zor.

I had a wonderful Valentine's with my loverboy husband, Thad. I wish I had frugal froxed our outfits. We looked so cute (to the normal populace:weird), everyone was staring at us like we stepped out of Fruits Magazine ^_^


  1. Xio, I wonder where she is now. I would still love to carve her face... Love the sweater! Pwede arboron :p

  2. Hoy! Diba naa man moy F21 diha? Mega sale bya run! Barato ra kaayo na! Barohon lang dili arboron.

  3. Kang Zor Xoxo kay Faith 21 bwahahaa! Sha man si Pork Chop matod pa ni Dongcarts.pariha ang duha, ga ngisi ang mga naong.. pero kabaw baka xoxo nga " Not so passive ug friendly" na si Cezoralene ron? gawas na ang true color :D Green!