Monday, February 1, 2010

Bloomsbury Belle

And it is cold again...No one really knows what weather Louisiana decides to have. The weather report is a myth. That's why I can never plan my wardrobe ahead except for this coat. The only reason I was looking forward to Monday was this coat. It was a long overdue project that I finally finished that I now got to wear :D The coat was too plain Jane so I appliqued the flowery print corduroy bib on it.

The hat, and pardon me for the crappy photo is a granny square hat I designed myself and had someone from make for me. I am totally in love with that much that I have another one made in different coloration.

I decided to title this after the Group who did nothing but wrote poetry and had affairs with each other. It has nothing to do with my wardrobe except that there's flowers on my chest and head :-)


  1. I was just going to ask you where you got your floral-topped coat and then I read that you did it yourself! And indeed, that hat is whimsical awesome. I have a blanket that kind of looks like it, a blanket which I often pretend to use as a cape, until one of my friends asked me why I looked like a crazy bag lady.

  2. Salamat Kikay ^_^ I'd love to learn how to so that do a granny square blanket...but I can't even make a chain stitch :-/ Crazy bag ladies have stories to tell..:D