Monday, February 8, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Sweater

That Merona wool sweater says LARGE on the tag but me, the absent minded laundress shrunk it in the dryer. Thad chuckled when he handed it to me saying it was rightfully mine now. I've always wanted a brown argyle sweater and by stroke of stupidity, I gained one. I'm wearing my trade badge :-) the artist palette brooch. I love it so much! Ms. Marilyn gifted me that. The paints are all gem stones. Oh and the Saints won! Wooot! I wasn't following the game because I was watching my anime but I knew they won the minute the fireworks started and in a span of about 2 minutes, there was a full blown mini block party in my neighborhood. I can't help but feel celebratory. So yay!

Thad bought me my new scent last Saturday. Daisy by Marc Jacobs silver edition!!! I'm feeling kind of spoiled. Thank you, bibikeef!


  1. It's Jessica simpson...she's lying...

  2. xiox! i bought a pair of tights with the same pattern as your shrunken sweater haha! what's that pattern called?

  3. argyle, Godiva :) I just commented on Chax's thigh high argyles xoxo. Blooming chax!

  4. Hahha Bibirli! Madungog man gyd nako ang tingog oy "Argyle,Govinda!" Lagi si Chax..blooming na kita ka adto iyang purple net stockings? Na ukay ko! Haha!!! Beaming with pride nuon.

    Gov, sul-ob dayunnnn~~~ ^_^