Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chillin' like a...well, you know.

Heritage F21 Knitted Long Coat. Paris Blues Jeans. Rue 21 Sweater. Steve Madden Boots.Thrifted Belt.

I love wearing long coats. It gives me that whole villainy flair. Whenever I wear them I mentally say things like "Take them to the dungeon!" or "No one is coming to rescue you, my pretty..." followed by maniacal chortles.

This long coat is thin enough for 11th hour escapes but warm enough for when I am exiled to Siberia for my nefarious plots. I love being bundled up every now and then but some days no matter how arctic for me, still call for thin but warm blizzard wear. Speaking of which, we might get snow or some semblance of it this weekend...and I am just going to lament the fact that I let a pair of Fluevog snow boots escape my clutches.
F21 and Shekina necklaces


  1. LOVE IT! Just want to eat you up...most likely because I'm addicted to crabs!

  2. ...which you will be buying for me ^_^

  3. I have a large selection of long coats too!!