Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bundled Up In Hue

Rue 21 Red Corduroy Down Jacket. Embroidered Mandarin Vest H&M.Hydraulic Jeans.Tent Sweater Derek Heart.Wear It Declare It Thermal. Frye Boots

Bundled up in joy, can you tell? That's four layers of clothing. This is probably one of my favorite mixes and color combination. I love that vest. It's a staple to me, how can it not be, it just screams folkloric!

Thad in his London Fog jacket, giving me warm kisses to brave the cold is part of the ensemble. Somehow we look like an anime couple. Kyaaa!!!He's bending too low and me tilting my head too high because I'm too short and chibi-like. Feeling all warm and fuzzy now ^_^
kissu kissu