Monday, November 30, 2009

I've Kissed Mermaids. Rode the El Nino...

Items in this set:
Thurley dress, $610
Jeffrey Campbell flats, $110 clutch, 25 GBP ring, $800
Emilie Hagen earrings, 98 GBP

If I were to style a mermaid fresh off the sea, I would don her with things that will remind her of her maritime home...because whatever specie you are,culture shock can still be a sea urchin on your butt.

Vintage Vectorie

Vintage Top says Items California. Necklace by Shekina (who also happens to be my awesome bead designer sister in law, Sheila) Vintage Golddiggers cropped jeans $15. Steve Madden boots $3.00 that's not a typo. Opaque Red tights from Target $7.00 Photo by my good friend Erin, who also blogs around these parts. Follow her there!
Groan...Monday. I had to wake my legs up to take me to work with these uber bright red tights. Target has, I think the brightest most opaque tights on this planet, so go get you one, and blind people. To offset the industrial gray drabness of my office walls, I employed some vector frou frou for foreground. I'm not sure if it's making it worse. 75% on this photo is vintage even the walls. It's not subterfuge when I tell you I am wearing a $3.00 pair of boots, new with tags through the kindness of thrift store serendipity.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Skirting the Issue

Dollhouse Denim Gilet Vest $23.00 Julie Flared Cardigan $15.00 Voice Top $20.00 Skirt Vintage Purple Leggings American Apparel $9.00 Refuge Boots $30.00 Handmade glass beads and leather strap necklace. CHEAP CHIC:Acrylic Coral Bangle $0.50!

Late post, I had to do all the Thanksgiving pre-requisites. As always, food was good, company even better and the midnight shopping spree, stellar! Bought a ton of stuff I shouldn't be buying but I need content for this blog. Marvelous excuse. Expect more bargain fashion posts soon. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Green Legs and Ham

This is my first post, so yay me! I got off my lazy ass and did something artsy fartsy tarty. Banner photo was taken by one of my bestfriends, Tabitha. She is my platonic chemical romance. So anyway, today's ephemeral look is brought to you by my closet, which basically threw out the clothes to me hence the love it or hate it color combo. Green, orange, pink and cream. Love it? Yes? Good, you're cool. Cardigan is Forever Love, prairie dress and green leggings are from Rue 21, pepto pink leather belt with orange and white enameled buckle is vintage and the shoesies is Nine West...probably the most comfortable uncomfortable looking shoes that I have. Frock on!