Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Layer Tart

F21 Heritage Hoodie $15. Mushroom Tank Next Era. Charlotte Russe Skirt Bargain at $4.Hydraulic Jeans, Steve Madden Boots.

I was thinking today, thanks to the miserable wet cold weather, it was going to be three layer day. Then I realized that my office has adequate heating so two layer it is.

I wanted to dress a little bit outrageous but I realized that I have to bring Funny Bunny (my car) to get an oil change at WalMart and I really don't want to get the attention of people because they will stare. Some people will just even stare because I look out of place...which I kind of am. The only place probably where I won't get stared at would be in Shibuya, Japan...everyone is strange. Where istrange is pretty much commonplace. That's my oxymoron for the day.

1 comment:

  1. uy! abi nako polka dot dress dah! (i see a hint of smile ahah!)