Friday, February 12, 2010

Fargone Fargo

Bear Skull Cap Delia's. Ashley Jacket. F21 Vest Bargain Bin. Old Navy Gray Sweater.Dollhouse Jeans.Frye Boots

Normally Gotham stays a little bit further to the side to where the camera can't capture him but today, my handsome dog wanted to be in the photo. Teehee... so adorably regal.

We have snow! All 0.25 inch of it! Almost a good reason to dress up all Fargo-like. Where's my woodchipper...


  1. pwede mo request?? :D

    you + dog + background real snow :) yay!

  2. I said, 0.25 inch :-P Lanay na oy! Hagbay ra.

  3. Adorable!!! Gotham looks so calm ^__^