Monday, January 4, 2010

Singing in the Rain, Walking On Sunshine

Charlotte Russe Coat $36 Thrifted Yellow Necklace. Matryoshka Doll Necklace F21
(favorite part of the outfit) C-Pink Jeans. Yellow Nine West Pumps. Perry Ellis Socks.

Well, Happy New Year everyone. I hope I can do a year's worth of frugal frox posts. I get all gung ho about new projects. Eventually the fire would fizzle and then I'm off to new projects. I am going to challenge myself to at least do a year's worth...and we'll see from there :-)

Around Christmas time I was really going to get dressed like the Nutcracker sans the mustache but then opted against the whole flamboyance of it. This year has started out bleak for me although not personally but for two very good friends of mine. My mood and thoughts reflect on my daily wardrobe choices. So today, gray and yellow. Bleak and sunshiny. Yellow is peeking through the drabness of my gray coat. It's my couture take on no matter how dark the clouds are, there is a blazing shining sun behind it. See? There is a profound purpose for this blog.


  1. oh so profound indeed! ;)

    suya ko sa dollie necklace! looks like one of the higgly town heroes hehe.

  2. Sunshine! It's my favourite colour! And I have the same XXI necklace. :D

  3. xio, long time no post. how was your Pasko & New Year? Mine was yeko ar.

    btw, my daughter loves your Matryoshka Doll Necklace.


  4. Gov, nalumos ka sa ka profound :-P Haha. Paet.

    Franz, I love Russian nesting dolls. I would have probably tracked that necklace down if I had missed it at the store.

    Hi Lil! Lagi, I was on vacay...wore pyjamas all week. Not post worthy. Haha. The necklace is from Forever 21. I think they still have this at the online store. Barato ra kaayo.