Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have a Grape Day

Bargained Charlotte Russe Cardi $8 and Secretary Blouse $8. Rue 21 Skirt circa 2006.Target Leggings $5.Olive Refuge Boots ebay.com

Today I'm dressed like a vineyard, like a personified grapevine. Sadly, my real grapevine is dead, or sleeping,(I hope) so I can't wear a grapevine wreath accessory. That would have been smashing though!

I bought the cardi and top from Charlotte Russe in the bargain rack. That's the best place to be. Especially if the tag says "%50 off with an additional %50 at check out". The best thing about bargain racks is finding that dress you wanted slashed down ridiculously low. The worst thing about it is finding that top you bought a month ago full price slashed down ridiculously low.

Beadwork on cardi is awesome and stayed put too, even after a ride in the washing machine! Bracelets all Xiomara made.


  1. Love the color combinations in this outfit!

  2. ooooh this is my favorite furgalfrox photo of you!!! you look like a faery doll! also i love the vase and twiggy-flowery stuff going on behind you.

  3. Thank you Tabbeh!

    Salamat Gov, nindota ana oy faery doll man jud! May gali dili voodoo doll nga taga Siquijor. The vase used to be on the dining table but I had to put something with height to balance out the lampshade on the other side of the couch. I actually have the right lampsade for it but Thad refuses to give it to me, it's in Mr. Buttersniff (we named a room this name).

  4. Purple is my favorite color, but you can have it today. It looks good on you. Who am I kidding? a garbage bag looks good on you and not just because I'm biased.

  5. Mmmmua! You are biased...I know I'm frugal but you will never see me dressed in a garbage bag. I have my standards.