Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Please Frye My Boots

Dollhouse Coat $36 Crocheted Rose Scarf $6 Paris Blues $24 Frye Boots

...Is a spoonerism of "please buy my fruits". I learned that in 3rd grade. Thought it'd be a neat title since my boots are Fryes and oh well...brain is already tired.

Some days are better than others. Today is not one of those days. I am still not consistent with my camera angles, lighting, time variants...etc. It probably doesn't help that I am always in a hurry when I'm taking pictures because I take them before I jet off to work.

Today is a tad bit nipply. I wanted to be warm but not looking like a bundled up Sherpa. This pink coat is one of the very few thin but warm coats that I have. Underneath, I am wearing a tan thermal and a dark teal military bib style shirt but you can't see them because of the scarf so I didn't bother taking detailed shots. I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing that teal shirt again in warm weather. I snagged that scarf from Ross. It was too interesting to pass up plus, it was only $6.

Feeling kind of blah today. The only good thing I can think of right now is in a couple of days, it will be the weekend. Hurray for optimism. Meeerh.


  1. goody! Frye's for real! I think the engineer with buckle in black is going to haunt me for yrs to come. This is lovely, xoxo! lovely LIKES THIS! teehehe

  2. errr engineer boots with buckle haha