Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Harley Queen

Ralph Lauren Cardigan. Harlequin top gifted by Tisai.Black Tights F21 $5.80. Gifted Granny Boots by my mom-in-law.

Dressed like a ticker tape parade! One of my bestfriends, Tisai, gifted me this harlequin diamond shirt for my birthday three years ago and I totally forgot about it! Sorry Sai. So I finally snipped the tags off and wore it promptly.

Weather is nasty but at least no more arctic blasts. I'm wearing this ensemble without any coats. We're leaving for Tyler, Texas tomorrow evening to attend my friends' Jessie Munns and Chauntelle DuPree's double wedding feature! I hope it's not gonna be too cold over there...or there goes my entire planned trousseau down the drain. Nevertheless, I'm so excited to see the DuPrees again!

Somewhat closer detail on my $2.00 thrifted necklace


  1. Ok, seriously considering converting to opaque tights now.

  2. Do it Tabbie! Gov, uban ta na! They're playing down here pud on the 20th of Feb. Anhi dayun!

  3. Harley Quinn is awesome!! Great cloths btw!

  4. Sank yoo, Danny.

    Ikaw pud kaayo, bibikeef!

  5. I love the black boots, the black cuff, and the black wrap/belt. Really pulls all the colours in.