Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chewsday's Child

Slate Angels Corduroy Jacket. Heart n' Crush Knitted Vest $25. F21 Fur Vest.Paris Blues.
Charlotte 21 Boots. Necklace Shekina

Chewsday! Getting closer to the weekend. That's optimism for ya. It's warming up a little bit. I'm not wearing thick jackets or coats right now but that could change in a next few days.

I noticed that I have been wearing boots from fall through winter. Either boots and leggings or boots and tucked in jeans. I'm going to miss wearing boots in the summer. I really don't know if there will be a frugal froxin' summer because I don't like dressing up in the summer. I like the cold months because you can layer clothing. It makes everything interesting. Summer is the time for tank tops and I'm not the tank top type, unless I'm wearing something over it. I do have quite a number of cute summer shoes but then I already know that I will just end up wearing my Reef flip flops.

This is my favorite part of my outfit. Vintage Cuckoo Clock ring snagged from www.etsy.com.
It's encrusted with gemstones and it's even got a little bird peeking from the window. Ultra-cute!


  1. For every day you don't continue Frugal Frox through the summer, a faerie might die. You don't want all that glitter on your hands.

    Love the vest (wearer).

  2. Hi, Mrs Xiomara. I like your outfit today.The ring is very pretty.
    ~Lillian Alexandra Burks
    (I don't know why she wants to put her whole name)

  3. You can't say no to summer! Frugal Froxin' Summer must come for the balance of seasons. That is your fashion-bloggin-duty miss xiox and you must not let us down!

    That ring is ultra cute! But I couldn't see the necklace. Hmm.

    Interesting piece of an art on the background - do I see Otoboke (one of pac-man's monsters) ??

  4. summer! my favorite season but you and I agree that Fall/Winter is the best fashion season ;) xoxo, sent you a link of the bird house (not cage as I've written on fb) pendant necklace I got for Ika last dec. finally had a chance to take pics. Timing gyud. She'd die for this ring. I know she loves bird cages for as long as I can remember. Kahinumdum kas iyang collection nga walay mga birds hahaha Do you remember the cuckoo clock Sparky gave me??? Love the vest! Naa ko similar xoxo ;) Saving it for the stylefaerie's feature ;) Oooh.. can't wait for summer frugal froxin!

  5. Thad, thanks for supporting habit/obsession. You may now give me your spot in the walk-in closet :-) Labyu sad.

    Circe, because Lillian Alexandra is a beautiful name...now go turn men into swine. Wait, too late for that :-p please tell Lilly (sp?) thank you for me :-)

    Gov, ahak...na wa matagad ang necklace dah. SA sunod nalang na post in the future. I'll be wearing it again. Artwork is done by yours truly and yes it's the pac-man ghost :-) Why did I paint him? So people will always be doomed to ask me that. Hah!

    Lablee, I don't remember Ika's bird cage obsession lagi...Thad thinks I do kay we have two birdcages unya wala kuno mi langgam so I put my pet rock in it...and an origami swallow :-) I can't wait for the stylefaerie feature!!!