Monday, January 11, 2010

Hyperborean Hype

Red Corduroy Jacket Rue 21 circa 2007. Nordic Sweater Rue 21. Paris Blues Jeans $15. AE Boots.

My title is actually an afterthought on how my friend Seth guessed my real age. 145 years old. Hyperboreans live to be thousand and are in the constant state of euphoria. They also live in extremely cold parts of the earth. My heart :-P. Sheesh.

I love this sweater. It's warmmmmm. I don't own a lot of warm clothes because Louisiana doesn't get this cold. I kind of regret buying it because it's too warm for mild Southern winters but right now this sweater and I are bestfriends. I also like the way this sweater doesn't make me look cantilevered. It makes me look like I have a chest of an 11 year old boy.

Onwards to other body parts, I have to include the semi profile because I love the way my hair looks on it. I can only achieve that coiffure when I'm sleeping a certain way, when my hair has the right amount of moisture and when the stars align perfectly on a winter solstice.

Alright, let's see what Monday has in store for me.

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