Friday, January 8, 2010

Faux Fur Faux Background

CLN Denim Jacket gifted by my Nanay. GAP Sweater.Red Pants Rue 21.

Friday!!! I've been waiting for this days since Sunday night. My living room has dismembered limbs of the Christmas tree so this fake background is a nice change of view This arctic cold we have today should have some snow in it but sadly no. It's just cold and bone crushing wet. I might go over to that chalet and drink some hot cocoa.

Hemingway lived in Paris when he was younger since it was considered a hot spot for writers. He never got published there. He moved to the Alps and got published. I thought I'd mention that since in my mind I am in the Alps.

I wish we have snow so that I can wear moonboots.

I've got the flare for ninjaism, mooning superheroes and apathy


  1. bwahhaha crazy! katawaha nako uy! sorry nalingaw kos background!

    i love your rainbowbright sweater! what do your buttons say?