Thursday, January 14, 2010

Velvet Crush On You

Velvet Jacket with Soundgirl wooden heart button. Dollhouse Denim Vest. The Limited Top.
Picasso Style Rust Corduroy Skirt. F21 necklaces
. Rue 21 Green Leggings. Frye Booties.
Minicoop photo by Tom Swain.

This outfit makes me want to go for a drive in a minicoop around the English countryside instead I ended up at work in Gonzales. But I can daydream...

I've had most of the pieces in this ensemble for years but I've never worn them all together. Coordinating clothes can be a challenge that's why I invest in magazines. They're a treasure trove of inspiration. If you ever want to overhaul your wardrobe and start dressing up a little bit different from what the rest of the people are wearing, the first two things you need aside from clothes would be fashion magazines and the attitude that you don't care what other people think. They can stare all they want. Heh.


  1. You go girl! Your originality is an inspiration.

  2. I think old Tom Swain had a bit too much to drink. He's not driving through the countryside, he's driving on the countryside.

    You look smashing as always love.

  3. AAAAaaah... I wish I had that velvet jacket and that big green gem hanging on your neck!

  4. Gov, you don't wish you had a minicoop, too? But minicoops are super cool!

    Green gem necklace is pretty heavy. I can probably swing it at somebody and seriously incur damages. Gifted by my bro-in-law's girlfriend :D

  5. haaay yes the mini cooper too but... mas nag drool man ko sa outfit :P hehhe. im cool with my minicoop diecast.

  6. Gov, naa koy hippie VW van diecast which I think Bevs will kill for.

  7. is it a black one?? with flowers on it??