Monday, January 18, 2010

Three Head's A Charm

Wet Seal Cardigan $9. Threadless shirt $12. Paris Blue Boot Cut Jeans $15. Payless Burgundy Boots $25 circa 1998! Belt gifted by Jami.

Merrrh...Monday. I am too lazy to not coordinate. Normally, I'd be wearing some color totally out of synch with my whole wardrobe but as it is, I actually coordinate. The military belt is a gift by my old college friend, Jami. It says "Prairie Girl". She had to get it for me because of my address, Prairieville. I have a bunch of friends who are not from LA. who wish they lived in Prairieville just for its name. It does have that charming peasant tone to it.

The threadless shirt is an artwork titled Satan's Little Helper. It is of a puppy Cerberus , the three headed dog who guards the underworld in Greek myths. The doggy tags all had the number 6 on them. I painted it over with some white emboss textile paint because I am horribly superstitious. Coming from a Christian household, I don't want to wear anything with 666 on it. All Thad had to say about the white washing was that I was giving power to numerology. They're just numbers.


  1. hihi i was into numerolgy late collge. i was always carrying a sheet of paper with hebrew kabala chaldean numbers, sort of like a code to the universe. i was constantly calculating names! crazy days.

    uh.. out of topic: hey karon pa ko nga demeterio diay ka! are you related to Mai Demeterio?

  2. Gov, I'm sure parente mi. Most Demeterios are all related to each other. We can all relate how irritating it is our last name gets misspelled to "Demetrio". hah!

  3. haha miga diay mo's facebook uy :P

  4. halu, late kaayo nga comment, and just saw this after i google my name. anyhoo, Xiomai, i met you at Independent Post while volunteering one summer, shadowing the photogs, Vic and Cio.

    i remember i asked you if you knew my classmate (same last name) and you asked if he was from Maasin. so anyway, i ended up marrying this person. your tatay and his tatay are cousins, i think. coz, i remember speaking to your brother, rico, before. his tatay is cousins with Mikmik's tatay. I'm sure they know each other. hehehe. mutusha.

    and Xio, i remember, sitting on the curb with you and you were waxing romantic about your then, chatmate ba, now your husband. sakto ba? vague na ako memory. hehe