Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daidaiirozukin Xoxo

Vintage Coat $2. Thrifted Peasant Patchwork Vest.Speckled Brown Knit Top gifted by my friend Squeezy Peters, F21 Pompom and bead necklaces, Union Brown Corduroy, Nine West Boots

Not a whole lot of people will get my title except for my closest friends, Bevlee and Kreth.
Daidaiiro is Japanese for the color orange. Zukin is Japanese for hood. Xoxo, pronounced Chu-Chu is my childhood and still-is nickname. The title is a play off a bizarre anime the three of us were nuts about. Akazukin Chacha meaning Red-Hood Chacha.

I tell no lies when I tell you I bought that coat for $2.00 at a flea market in Soho, NY. It's hardly warm though. I guess it's just for looks. I'm feeling a little bit gypsy today because the necklaces have bells on them. Can't really sneak on anybody.

Trying to lose the holiday weight from past two Christmases. Hah! We still have our Christmas tree.
I'm not a Catholic but Thad is, although he rarely goes to church. We normally take our tree down after the Feast of Three Kings which was yesterday. I need to put it away now. I'm going to have the sads when I do.


  1. Your Clothes just makes me think that you can have another Steam Punk outfit for your next costume party. ON another note your clothes look great!

  2. uy xiox kasinabot mo ni Jhoe ani. she's into this japanese words business (and a lot more). mao na diha gikan ang Rukiasan nickname nia.

    you look fun in that outfit!

    have you seen spirited away? that's my favorite cartoon from mr. miyazaki.

  3. Thanks Danny. I do like the steam punk aesthetic since I love Edwardian and Victorian fashion not so much the philosophy of it. That's more Thad's turf. But then I have read Jules Verne and I collect Mechtorians. :D

    Gov, did Jhoe name herself Rukia from Bleach? Lagi...I'm too obsessed with anime, I even dream in anime. I've learned Japanese by osmosis from watching too many anime! Haha. It's all good though.

    My most most favorite Miyazaki film is Howl's Moving Castle. I have a cartoon crush on Howl. But one can't go wrong with any Miyazaki film. His films have a certain atmosphere to them.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the snowsuit you put on for tomorrow! (Cause I'm hoping for the snowday!)

    Love the outfit Xio!

  5. Oh my god, my friends and I were crazy about Akazukin Chacha in elementary school. We watched it in Cartoon network and picked characters for ourselves. I was the tiniest, so I was Suzu...

  6. Franz, nothing surprises me anymore about you and this weird connection we have. Holly up!

  7. Does Chacha like chomping on chupa chups with her best friend chupacabra?

  8. That's a tongue twister there M.E.G. There is a vampire-like character in the anime. His name is Cula. He's immuned to garlic, wooden stakes and sunlight.The only thing that affects him greatly is when someone tells him he is not handsome.

  9. Yakko Here! I love that jacket and I'm pleasantly surprised to see it in mint condition. Well, not really :) I remember your Mardi Gras pic decked in throngs of beads with that jacket on.

    My korean students also watched Cha Cha..... when they were in elementary. Somehow that is just so hilarious considering we watched it when we had our pseudo jobs in IP hehe And by pseudo I mean it wasn't a job, it was an adventure of a lifetime.

    Ok, I take it back. This is my 2nd fave and the other one my 3rd haha I'm giggling mad thinking of our phone conversations with nothing short of wheezing and boisterousness with Cha Cha blaring loud in the background