Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teal Me Something

A. Byer Blazer $15. Vintage Edwardian Secretary Blouse thrifted. Grey skirt thrifted. Belt Love Culture $7. WM Teal Stirrup Leggings $7. Granny boots from yesterday.

Leggings and tights make my short legs look a little bit interesting so lord knows what I'll do in the summer when I have to be bare legged.

These colors I had to borrow from my friend Tabitha. Teal and black are her colors. I mean, it's not like there's a copy right or anything. It was more like a mental territorial pissing :-)

I was thinking "Librarian" when I picked out my outfit today. Although I've yet to see real librarians dress like this. I think the gray skirt has a whole academe flair to it. I pretend that belt buckle is made of adamantium.


  1. Oh I love this outfit! Of course it is totally my color palette. You are such an accessory queen. Makes me want to build my collection more of good looking frugal stuff.

  2. Is that a ring tattoo-d on your finger? :D

  3. Franz, yes it is. The folly of an 18 year old Xiomara.