Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Drindl...We're Apart That's True.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Drindl Dress $0.??, that means I don't remember. Red Leggings Target$8. Rue 21 White Top. Vintage Red leather Belt, Charlotte Russe Black Boots. Cottage Purse $54

I am spending Christmas Eve with my family on the other side of the hemisphere through yahoo chat and webcam! I got to see them do their little presentation, open their gifts and eat Christmas dinner. I also got to see how my Nanay (Filipino term for mom) and I are almost dressed alike! She even has red leggings on! Apple don't fall far from the tree, I guess :-) Here's a blurry snapshot:

Nanay is wearing a black cut out top, red belt, denim tiered skirt with magnificent embroidery work and red leggings.

Cottage Purse Detail

Work is making us stay till 3:30...yes, that's the holiday spirit for ya. I have a splitting headache, this weather is nasty...but I'm not going to let all that dampen my Yuletide mood. Thad and I will have a little Christmas dinner of shrimp asparagus and angel hair pasta and lemon pepper chicken in mango salsa. We'll have fire in the fireplace if it gets cold enough while we watch movie marathons. Gotham will be somewhere in close proximity...then we open pressies at midnight as we traditionally do in the Philippines.

I know my blog hasn't been around for that long but thank you friends, readers, visitors, subscribers for the constant visits and delightful comments. I am so happy to share with you something I feel strongly about...frugal fashion! Please continue to check my new posts in the days to come.
I hope to be able to inspire you guys to come up with your own wardrobe combinations as well.I wish everyone a wonderful blessed Christmas full of merriment and love. God bless us all.


  1. xoxo! your baghag best fiend wants that bag!!!!!

  2. Bleh, first of all, you were sending that Blythe shirt way before you saw this purse. Second of all...even if I wanted to gift this to you, this was a gift itself, Lovelylook. Malipayong Pasko nimo, bag hag.

  3. it's not the cheese but i like the cottage. lol. =D i love it too xio.....*hugs. where in jupiter did you frigin get that!!!! ;D

  4. Io, one of Jupiter's moons have a Night Market on the eve Feast of the answer your question, Chax.