Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wicked Stitches of Eastwick

Sashimi Peagreen Corduroy Jacket $15 MK Embroidered Vest $25
New York and Company Wool Sweater gifted. Hydraulic Jeans. Vintage Boots

One of the really good things about being diminutive is I can fit in children's clothing. Children's clothing are generally more playful and more imaginative with colors and prints. My style bible is a mini-boden catalogue. For those of you who know me in real life or just even followed my blog for the past month, you would already have guessed I am not a "safe" dresser. I don't wear solid colors and pile them on top of each other. There's gotta be some accessory that should break down the monotony. In this case, a Mary-Kate and Ashely embroidered vest size 14 in kids. I bought this vest over 3 years ago, and yes, I still remember how much it cost me. I saw the ad on the newspaper inserts for it so I rushed to Wal-mart and scooped one up. It is still one of my favorite piece of clothing in my cramped closet. (It's only cramped because Thad and I share one closet not because I have lot of clothes).

I know for sure that I'd beat myself up if I had missed this wonderful vest. My creed is if you want something go get it! If it turns out to be a disaster, there's always ebay. You wouldn't believe how many people will bid on your junk.


  1. hooray for us little people! ;)

    really the chickens coordinate perfectly with the vest's flower pattern. payter!

  2. Good eye Gov! Haha. The chickens are supposed to be a door ringer but if someone wants to climb up the ladder that leads to nowhere, I bet it'll ring.