Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome To The Dollhouse

XOXO Blazer gifted. Tagless One piece vest and striped shirt SM. Guess Skinny Jeans $40.Vintage lace up boots ebay.com

This photo is taken in my area at work by my friend Squeezy Peters. Sadly, I don't own the dollhouse, that's my boss Teli's daughter's Calico Critters dollhouse that they want me to decorate. And more sadly, Thad won't let me keep it...

I have a huge product meeting today so I actually dressed up all business-like. Hopefully I will exude an air of knowing what I'm actually talking about when I use words like, marketability, return profits, unique selling proposition, packaging ergonomics...It should be fun. Design meetings are nothing like stiff corporate meetings. There's pizza.

Brooch detail. Got this from F21 online circa 2008


  1. i love the brooch. never really think of adding such things to my jackets. you have inspired me!

  2. Good! you didn't miss out the brooch detail. love it!

  3. Tab, you should! They make outerwear more interesting.

    Gov, sank yuh! Tehehe. Lagi sa, wa man gi tapol.