Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Putting Myself in Kayla's Shoes

Sag Harbor Classics Striped Sweater.C-Pink Jeans $25. Black Chucks hand me down from Kayla DuPree

Literally. Kayla is my friend's Chauntelle DuPree's little girl who is also my friend Sherri's niece. Kayla is probably one of the coolest, lovable little girl I know. She comes by it honestly coming from a family of musicians and artists. The very first time I met her was on my first trip to Tyler, Texas for Sherri's wedding, she handed me two of her chucks, black and pink after one quick look at my elfin feet. I've been wearing them all through that summer. I fondly call them my Kayla shoes.

Taken at the DuPree's second home, Starbucks. Here I am flanked by Kayla and Sherri looking like a cute Russian peasant about to ply her fresh lemons. Actually, I gave the lemons to her to give to her momma.

Enamel Heart Necklace Gadzooks $5. Claire's Elastic Bead Bracelets

This sweater reminds me of Bert, Ernie's long suffering roomate in Sesame Street. I love this sweater so much! It's so comfortable and the colors make me happy.


  1. Those colors make me happy too!

  2. cuuuute uy!

    do i spot an elephant above the ladder of chickens?? :O

  3. Sank yoo Gov. That marionette pachyderm was what Thad got as a White Elephant gift so many Christmases ago. Neat huh?

  4. Hmph. Who knew that ladder had a real purpose?