Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Reds to Get Rid of the Blues.

Twelve by Twelve Cardigan $35. Rue 21 necklaces $6 each.Paris Blues Jeans $25.Charlotte Russe Top $21. Boots Charlotte Russe

I went in blog absentia for the weekend to Tyler, Texas for a double wedding. I'm finally back in Cajun country where the football craze is ever prevalent. I'm not really into football or any sports for that matter but I'm glad that Saints won. I'm happy for this state. Yay! I think. In retrospect, I should've worn the Saints colors today but then that would make me feel like a poseur.

Today is my friend Erin's birthday lunch. I decided to wear the traditional birthday red today in her honor.

Sorry Govinda, didn't have time to take detail shoots especially of the top!


  1. oh i see it! it's lovely, labi na imong mga burloloykwints!

    musta ang wedding?? :)

  2. Gov, I took really bad photos. They asked Thad to videotape the whole thing so at least maybe I can get stills off of that...It was fun though. Nindot kaayo and it feels like I was with family :-)

  3. ...and you live with a Saint anyway.