Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Red Baroness

Ashley 26 Int'l Bomber Jacket. CPure Mini Lace Dress $5 (yes you read that right) Black Cotton Tights WalMart Frye Boots. Aviator Fur Hat. Ray-Ban Aviators. Photo by Erin

This ensemble came together because it is fargin' cold outside. That bomber jacket is lined in fleece and the aviator hat is lined in rabbit fur so I'm snug as all get out. Before I knew it, I was dressed like Manfred von Richthofen or in more popular terms, the Red Baron. I figured I'd wear a nice little lacey mini dress to put a little bit of feminine touch to it.

My friend Erin took the photos with our inferior work camera because my camera finally gave up on me. I did take some pictures at home but when I tried to download them, well...I couldn't. It's probably tired of my mug from daily photo sessions and just decided to kill itself.

There's this room in our design department area that acts as a closet for electrical supplies but it also has those huge pipes with gauges on it. It kind of has a steampunk feel to it. I thought the room went with the outfit. I couldn't find a Fokker Dr.I triplane at short notice anyway.


  1. Wow! This one is steampunk chic! Can I repost to show my steampunk friends?

  2. No objections :-) Shannon you should see our steam punk halloween costume!

  3. I almost wore something similar today but then I remembered I work in the upper level of a hellish atmosphere with semi-menopausal hens that love to stoke the fires & my jacket would have stifled me so I'll have to wait until they decide to freeze me out. Was that "definAtely" a run-on sentence? "IRregardless, you look cute!


  4. Bwahahaha! M.E.G. I feel for you. The difference between our hens is that, mine molly cuddle me. They also wonder if I am sick when I wear a velour tracksuit.

  5. so so adorable. reminds me earhart, more fashion forward though. you sure can put a nice outfit.