Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Morning Cartoon

We've Got Some Work To Do Now Threadless Shirt $18. Red Rue 21 Pants $15. Wet Paint Black Cardi. Kayla Chucks.

If Scooby Doo was created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, the same guys who brought you Tank Girl, then this shirt wouldn't look any different. Velma means business here and she can run the show all by herself. No comic relief Shaggy and eye candies, Daphne and Fred. The villain might only be wearing a mask but she might as well just rip his entire head off. Also, Scooby's snack of choice is a little more organic. Judging by Velma's weight loss here, ghost/ghoul hunting is the new pilates.

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  1. bello! I so want to do a tank girl costume now.

  2. High five on the shirt! I've worn mine with a red skirt. :D