Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Star of My Own Xio

Vintage Sweater. Vintage Corduroy Pencil Skirt. Grey Leggings. Electric Blue Socks borrowed from Thad. T-strap Wedge Target bargain $12

This was taken in another corner of my area where I keep samples of stuffs I designed. I actually found that stuffed toy star in the parking lot. A falling star perhaps? ;-)

On the bottom corner, you can see the other half of the extra pair of shoes that I leave at work to wear just in case I wear cute but ultra uncomfortable-walking-on-nails shoes and I may need to rest my feet.

I bought this magic sweater from the thrift shop with thrift shopping partner Tabitha. I call it "magic" because when I picked it up I thought it was very tiny , almost like a child sized 10. I was just so smitten by the colorful stripes that I had to have it. Well, magically, it fit! and it's even a comfortable fit...and I don't look like I just swallowed a pachyderm.

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