Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Just An In Betweener

Charlotte Russe top $25. Union Bay Denim Pedal Pushers $15. Hue Gray Leggings $10. Perry Ellis socks. Franco Sarto ankle boots in rust $45.

Cold mornings and balmy afternoons kind of mess up my daily wardrobe decisions. Instinctively, I dress up warm in the mornings and then later on feel stupid because the weather has gone up. Ahhh Louisiana and your tourette-y clime. I am hoping today's outfit will reconcile with the climactic mood swings.

I noticed that I look younger in pictures. Damn deceitful pixels. I think that's why most people don't recognize me when I'm out because I look 20 years older in real life. I've been gleefully calling myself a hermit and it's probably because I'm a wizened old hag. Haha! I mean wisened...Meh.

Nothing...I just like the chiaroscuro here.


  1. i love the second photo xiox. coordinated tanan. hasta mga manok padung sa imo boots.

    im inlove with the leggings. i hope i could own leggings other than black. but then... malibog ko unsaon pag suot! di ko pareha nimo nga automatic masakto daun ang suot miskin di sakto! hahah!

  2. the outfit's delicious, oh oh :-)

    that second photo is beautiful -- makes me sad and hopeful all at the same time.

  3. Thank you Gov! Lagi, mag apilapil gyud ang stuffed poultry. Door chime bya na. Haha. I normally buy a size 1 or small for leggings. But is that what you mean? The size or coordinating legging colors with outfits?

    Kuki, salamat dai :-P pensive kunohay ba. For some reason, that photo reminds me of those vintage stationaries I used to collect with drawings of women in cute dresses, wind blowing through their tresses, looking out into the prairie and such...Hehe.

  4. the coordination :D lisud. hhehe.. pero wa pa nuon ko kasulay. sulayan para makitang agi! haha!

    so how old are you anyway? im excited to be 30 next month!!!

  5. so right on, X. that second photo of yours definitely took me there.

    Ay kalimot ko ug mention sa rockin' ankle boots nimo. Love!!! Sweet idea nimo to add the shorter socks over the leggings. I'm so tempted to try it! Thanks for your daily inspirations!

  6. Gov, my trick is to wear colored leggings that match with a certain non-predominant color in my dress, it could even just be an accessory. Also, I try to wear colored leggings whose colors are nowhere to be found in my ensemble but I just make sure they're in the same color environment. SO no shocking fushia pinks on muted prairie country style outfits!

    Cheeri, hahha thank you. Preha gyud tang hunahuna dah. Sige try dayun socks with leggings ^_^ and you're so welcome. I'm so happy to know that this inspired you. It seems like I did my job :D

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you played with light very well on the 2nd photo Xio-chan!!!

    malingaw man au ko imo outfits oi =)
    suya ug malingaw hihiih

  8. Ru-chan!!! Thank you kaayo. When I go back home sa Cebu kita ta ha? Photo ops dayun!