Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blazing Speed Dressing

F21 Twist Blazer. Z Jeans. Thrifted Necklace. Julie's Closet Top

Gaaah! I'm still having a hard time getting used to earlier mornings. My body just refuses to wake up and my mind is still busy dreaming. Speed dressing! that was what was going on this morning. It took me literally 20 seconds to dress myself up which is quite a feat considering I didn't pick out my outfit prior.

So, I quit wearing boots. It's cold in the mornings but the temp goes high in the middle of the day. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sweat like hell when I leave work because this blazer is thick polyester and rayon and crap! I just realized it's only dry clean! Oh well, let's just hope I don't get this too dirty soon so that I can wear it a couple of times before I have to have it dry cleaned.

P.S. I'd like to thank my loving husband Thad for leaving me a comment for yesterday's post. My outfit was blah but Thad made sure my comment page wasn't empty. I could wear a potato sack and he'll still tell me I look good...and thus the faucet of self-esteem is always gushing. ^_^


  1. finally i see toe nails! i love your outfit today xiox :D

  2. Hoy!! By any chance are your shoes red plaid plats via Tommy Hilfiger??

  3. Thank you Govinda!!!

    M.E.G Yup, same deal ^_^ if you have a pair, then you have something in common with Tabitha as well...We have twin shoes that we wore at the same time on Thad's birthday dinner

  4. I missed 'em in Double Ex-Poseur (heh!) but seems we do have the same shoesies! And I seem to recall seeing the twin b-day shoes at Ross, or the like, nes pas? I remember trying 'em on (or some very similar to 'em) & thinking I wish they had a print but I do have a grievance against cork-soled shoes.

  5. blazing in disguise diay ka karon, xio.

    nahan gyud ko sa imong shoes. in this pic, you look tall-er.