Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Easy Being Green

Eisley Shirt gifted by Boyd DuPree (Eisley's dad and Garron's uncle) Rue 21 Skirt $8. Belt $65 (gasp!) Target Cardi $17. Borrowed Thad's socks. Frye Booties.

I'm predominantly GREEN!!! because it's St. Patty's day! Thad was supposed to be born on this day but he came two days later. He has always been late since then. My friend Sherri designed that print for her band Eisley's shirt merch. I was so enamored of whole color combination of the kelly green base and mustard-hued girl-headed doe. That print is totally Sherri's brain denizen but since I am schooled in fairy tales as well as my friend Myke "the Bard" Obenieta would attest, this shirt is something I would wear proudly. And well, I love Eisley. Duhrrr.

I just realized this is the same skirt I wore on mine and Erin's 2nd frugal frox post photo together. Here's the resident Irish mutt with me, Erin McNulty, sorta Irish girl with a Scottish last name...I should've posed with her cousin Kerry Flanagan but she's in New Orleans. I mean, how Irish can that name get! ^_^ You're a wonderful substitute though, Erin. Now gimme some brownies...
Erin's field o'flowers frock is from Target. Cardi is from Old Navy.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!! I wish I had my own St. Patrick who will drive away the snakes from our yard.
Cillian Murphy, one beautiful Irish being.
I could leave Thad for him...maybe.


  1. clover love all over! angayan as usual... :)

  2. I will dropkick that Murphy if he puts his clover-munching mandibles anywhere near your golden treasures.