Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back To Work in Patchwork

Limited Cardi $25. Voice Top $16. Patchwork Corduroy Denim Skirt. Fryes

Feels like a Monday to me because I had a longish vacation. Friends from Tyler ,Texas Matt and Nat were here to show up and surprise Thad for his birthday. Hanging out at the Station Friday wasn't so bad since I was with friends. Normally, I'd think of killing myself rather than hanging out there. One bartender was such a effin' bitch. I hope her fake titties fall off and crawl back to the Silicon Valley. The Station is totally not my scene but Thad was playing music there...so there!

We spent Saturday in New Orleans and that was fun...just walking about and mildly drinking in different bars. I am glad that city is only 40 something minutes away. Dinner at Galatoir's was wonderyummyful! I haven't eaten so much in a long time. But now, it's back to my diet chart...I don't want my wardrobe to go to waste because they don't fit me anymore...*shudders*

I've worn these necklaces before.

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