Thursday, March 4, 2010

Agent Double X-posure

12x12 bargain bin Cardi $8. F21 Prairie Frock $25. Rue 21 Red Leggings.Thrifted Necklace. Tommy Hilfiger Wedge (not frugal ^_^)

Yup, secret is out. I have a clone. The one on the left stays on facebook all the day while the real me on the right takes crochet lessons. Clone wants to show you the checkered print on the wedges.

We've had the dress for a year and only wore it twice. Today being the second time. The thing about hand wash only clothing is that we pile them in the hamper and they stay there till we feel like hand washing anything. We totally forgot we had this dress. It feels new to us again. This is actually a summer dress because it's made from thin woven linen but the dark colors kind of makes it a look little bit wintery. We did wear a warm coat over it. Our office has adequate heating so we're fine...except when we walk to our car but that's only a few seconds of arctic wind kisses.