Monday, March 15, 2010

An Art Deco Kind of Day

Max Studio Dress $39. Mossimo Cardi $14. Frye Boots

Thad bought me that dress. The pattern is woven on the fabric and has some sort of art deco feel to it. Note the stylized dandelion. It was Thad who pointed that out. I was so proud of him for noticing that since art and art periods are not really his field. Imagine how proud he would be of me if I start saying things like: "Ma'am, a KDEmod already includes split packages so you don't have to do a full blown KDE installation..." and some more penguin talk...

Finally got to do yard work yesterday...and hoped to God I wouldn't pull out a snake like my gurl friend, Gaynell did that last time she came over to help me out. Her scream pierced the entire neighborhood's eardrums. Sorry M.E.G...

Still don't know which of my poor dear plants survived that darn freeze. I hope they all come back...Warm weather get here already!!!

detail on woven print

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  1. I really, really, really like this outfit!! Makes me want to go frolic & such!