Monday, March 8, 2010

Plaid and Happy

Ultra Pink Plaid Top $15. Old Navy Black Tank Top $8.Rue 21 Denim Mini Skirt.F21 Leggings, Frye Boots (again)

I wish Frye Boots were frugal priced so that I can buy all the styles and colors and wear nothing but. But sadly, as with any good quality products, you have to pay a little bit more for them. Thad bought me my first pair of Fryes for Christmas last year because I can't bear to pay $$$ for a pair of shoes for myself. I bought my second one which are vintage but as cool as they look, I just never took to them. Vintage pairs fetch as much as new ones and sometimes even more but thankfully I bought mine cheaper-ish. I'm trying to get rid of them though. Let me know if you're a 5.5 and interested. It's yours for $50. That's how much I paid for them.

I'm lovin' the lacey bib applique on this top. The shirt is made of gauzy-like fabric that's three layers thick. It's crinkly but so soft and comfortable. Can't go wrong with layered necklaces just refrain from doing it the Mr. T way.

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  1. I like this ensemble.

    Nahan sad ko sa imong cuff bracelet.