Friday, March 12, 2010

Duchess of Yolk

Charlotte Russe Top bargain bin $8. DizzyLizzy skirt $7 Ross. Hue Leggings Anthropologie.Knitted Mustard Hat.Boho bag from Erin.Steve Madden Boots.Thrifted Locket. Bracelets Gaisano Metro Ayala Mall Cebu.

When I waltzed in to work (I only waltz on Fridays) today, Erin said "You look cute today. You look like a duchess." I don't know if it's the locket or the flowy pleated gathered hip dress like those that Edwardian era children wore. That made me smile because I like being likened to a nobility and everything vintagey. Thad already calls me Queen of Effin' Everything. I am also fond of that word duchess. I have a penchant for anything least liked by everyone. Every little girl wants to be a princess but never a duchess. In old Russia, the little royal princess was called Archduchess. The Princess title is actually a lower title bestowed to daughters of minor Russian princes who precide over principalities that are equivalent to a baronetcy in England. Ahhh the things I pick up from reading too many Barbara Cartland novels.

So anydaydreamyway...I love putting together outfits that seem hopeless to me at first glance, why I buy them regardless, I will never know. I've had the gray top for months and it was only when I bought that skirt last weekend that I realized that top doesn't seem hopeless anymore. The flowery skirt is peaking under the gray drabness of the top, it's my take on spring wanting to happen already!!! That embroidered boho bag is lovely. Erin got it for me for a dollar at the thrift store.

Happy Friday everyone! May the weekend not go by so fast...


  1. You look amazing today duchess!

  2. I love that term 'duchess'! I'll have to start using it!

    You're a doll!

  3. lovely duchess! labi na pakapinan ug smile :D

  4. Whoa!!! So funny guys. I changed my title because I thought it reflected more to what I was rambling on here and then I read your comments about the word duchess. heheh...

    Tabitha, thank you, little Vietnamese Princess...

    Mad, you should! Hehehe. Also, look up the Ugly Duchess of Tyrol. The duchess of Alice in Wonderland was inspired by her.

    Govinda, pahiyom lagi dayun arun ibigin. Bwaha!

  5. i've been silent as of late, but I do stalk this blog -- just so you know :)love the top and skirt combined, and love how you rock the blue tights...yet again! i did like the first title, too, since I'm obsessed with anything 10,000 Maniacs related.

  6. Ahh sige lang Kuks, I'll title one Hey Jackie Kerouac soon when I am in beatnik inspired fashion ^_^ Thanks for stalking!

  7. Stay away from Rasputin....You know what happened to all the duchesses (and assorted other Romanov family members) after he showed up!