Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have Your Elf A Merry Little Christmas

Today is my department's (Design and Product Research) Christmas Cookie Exchange. I was dreading this day because I don't bake cookies. The only thing I know how to bake is clay. I tried making brownies once but they turned out tasting like sea cakes because I accidentally put salt instead of sugar. The second was a half baked birthday cake for my Uncle Marvin. I guess he was so touched that he didn't mind the gooey-ness. Anyway, I was able to bring some cookies to work and they are now sitting on my desk waiting to be exchanged. They're Raspberry Choco Ripple Butter Cookies. Here's the recipe:

1 qt. tank of gas

a set of keys

some money

Get in car. Turn the ignition. Drive to store. Buy cookies. Et voila!

Onwards to my Christmas outfit...I bought that vintage velvet blazer in Soho, New York. A lot of people don't know that I lived there for a while before I moved to the
happiest state, Louisiana. It was rather big so I waited till I got back to Cebu and have my fellow fashionista friend, Kate Torralba who had a little shop back then, fix it for me. Kate is now a super famous fashion designer in the Philippines with a very impressive clientele and she is still the same the Kate I know. She still cracks me up with her brutal, honest impish ways. I bought the silvery grey top from a little boutique in Ayala Mall, Cebu. The leggings, crap...I don't remember where I got them. I was rummaging my drawers and there they were. The olive wedge boots are the same boots I wore yesterday. Necklaces were thrifted so they were probably like $1 a piece. The Santa hat was from Target...circa 2003, I think.

Blazer, top and necklace detail

I have the tendency to ramble so I have to end this before this starts getting kilometric. I wish everyone a blessed Christmas. I hope you guys get everything you want that money can't buy...


  1. Perfection! Hope you have a great Christmas, X, and a blogful 2010 (well, I guess that's my wish...more Frugalfrox blogs). Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  2. So, that's where my leggings went.

    You continue to impress me with little things bibi. First you're baking (up stories about slaving hard over the oven, when actually you did the more impressive thing and actually drove to the store to get the) cookies, and now you're putting tags in your blog on your own. Really, I'm smiling like the proud hubbie I am at you!

    Next, I expect embedded video and cheesecake. :-)

  3. love the colors sa imong outfit. love the jacket choo.

    i'll try that cookie recipe as in now na.

    is your boots wedge or talinis ang tikod?

  4. Thank you Kuks! I really hope I can do this for a year straight. It'll be a challenge because I get bored of things easily and I find a different project to do...but I will challenge myself :D

    Bibi, I've been tagging my posts. I've been linking them too. I can make cheesecake! I mean I can make LeBlanc's make cheesecake and I'll drive over there to pick it up.

    Thank you Mader Lili. Sige dayun sayun ra kaayo na na recipe. Boots are wedge. I should put that down sa?

  5. I loooove your blog, you have such a fun fashion sense and you crack me up with your descriptions.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

  6. me likey your cherry coatee!! you're such delicious Christmas elf..

  7. Lilly loved this outfit and asked if you were an elf, I told her no you are a fairy. To which she asked seelie or unseelie? I responded Seelie lol.