Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fa La La Lunch!

Ralph Lauren Cardigan.Charlotte Russe Dress $25. Silver and black striped leggings gifted from Teasigh Murillo.Charlotte Russe Boots from Thad. Ceramic Holly Necklace from my mom-in-law,Marilyn. Vintage Gold Elastic Metal Belt

Today is Christmas lunch at work, that's why I appropriately dressed up like a Christmas tree. My multi-tiered dress bespeaks for a pine tree, yes? This is not the only pose I know. I have my camera on time variant mode which means I have to stay still for 10 seconds before it takes a shot. I need a sturdy support or else my photos will come out shaky as evidenced on the second photo below. I am too lazy to take more shots. I wanted to wear a prettier dress today but I had to take my dog, Gotham to get snippity snipped. I was afraid he might fuss too much or houdini himself out of his leash and I can't deal with all that in a pretty frock. I'm going to miss him for a day. I might even miss the incessant whining...or not. Well, it's almost Friday. I can't wait for the weekend and go riding around with Thad in his X-Terra that he christened Zura-Janai-Katsura-Desu. It's Japanese for "My name is not Zura. It's Katsura". We'll call her Zura for short.

Let's just pretend this photo is crisp and clear. Here's a detailed
photo of the ceramic holly necklace for my friend, Govinda


  1. Do you dress like this all the time? If so, I need to hang out with you and get used to doing it as well. I'd be much cooler at work.

  2. The Christmas tree is LIT!!! You should have put on lights just to confuse the masses and output something original in your clothing. Actually all of your clothes have been original... ok More original with lights.

  3. Jamie :-) yes I try to dress up at work. Jamie! Everybody is used to my get up, they hardly notice it. But, on those rare days when I don't feel like it and come ot work in a track suit, they ask me if I'm not feeling well. True story.

    Danny, you might have multiple split websonalities.

  4. Bibi, that is a really good picture (first one)! You are getting really good with lighting. Looks like you ripped it out of an old VF. *is impressed* The clothes are typical you: stylish and holiday spirited.

  5. hey! i need a closer look at those cherries? uh what are those??

  6. Bibi, salamat kaayo dong! I hope I am getting good but it really just seems to me like it's just luck the way the first photo came out. What's a VF by the way?

    Gov, I knew it! I was thinking what you were gonna say about that since the photo was hazy. I am promplty posting a clearer view.

  7. Thank goodness for Govinda!
    I was just about to ask for a close up of that necklace when I finished scrolling down.
    Is it heavy?

  8. The Marvelous M!!! Oh no it's not heavy at all...I'd still wear it even if it was. Haha.