Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How To Wear A Band Shirt

Knitted Cardigan Rue 21 American Apparel Eisley Band Shirt. Nudie Rodeo Shirt Old Navy. Refuge Olive Boots. Paris Blue Jeans. Gadzooks Armor Necklace

I think band shirts are dorky. Don't ever be that guy who wears the band shirt to the band concert. It's over-dork. But I must say this Eisley shirt doesn't exude dorkiness...or maybe I am just biased but look at it! It's brown! The print in dull gold! The artwork...bizarre as only Sherri's twisted brain can produce! This is a shirt not a vest. I'm just wearing it like it is. You know you want it. You can't have it...but fret not! You can score one from the Eisley website.

In lieu of a jabot, I opted for a necklace that kind of reminded me of a knight's armor. I wanted something outlandish to pop out in this emsemble but still relating back to my shirt. If you are familiar with Eisley music, this idea wouldn't seem far-fetched.

Ok here it is, shameless friend promotion...for those of you who have no idea who Eisley is, that's ok. They seldom cavort with mortals. They live in the faerie dell and they only come out at dusk. But do check them out. Their music will take you on an extraordinary journey of peculiar myths and fantasies...things you stopped thinking about because you grew up.

First Photo: L to R: Eisley! Chauntelle DuPree, Weston DuPree, Stacy DuPree, Sherri DuPree and Garron DuPree 2nd photo me and Sherri on her dreamy wedding day.


  1. The Clothing is awesome! In the second picture, it looks like there is a ghost behind you and your friend!

  2. Who grew up?

    Oh, and that was Leslie Ann Levine behind them.