Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mustard and Servant

Target Cardi $17. Angie Patchwork Prairie Minidress $3. Vintage Red Leather Belt. Rue 21 Purple Leggings $8. Vintage Lace Up High Boots. Mustard Yellow Beret $15 ebay.

I don't normally wear head gears...i.e. hats, berets,bonnets,crowns, tiaras, etc. but I always keep buying them for some reason. I'm thankful this mustard yellow beret ended up in my collection because with it, I can cover my funky ass hair. It works with this wardrobe. My hair right now is just not very cooperative and I don't have time to coax it.

I still can't take photos outside because of this nasty weather and this spot is only part of my house that's got a decent natural lighting. The Christmas tree will be an ever present cynosure for now...and well, it's the holidays. As per Mader Lili's request I am standing to where you can see my entire Christmas tree all decked out.

Yes, Zor this is the 3 dollar dress. I think this is children's size because it says large and it's not. A large size in juniors on me would even look like a snuggie.

Necklace and tree pendant detail. This is probably one of my favorites. I've worn this several times. I especially love the little dangling bird on it. I bought this at the now defunct store, Burke's Outlet. That store had the cheapest wonderfulest accessories! I know wonderfulest is not a word. How's your Tuesday so far?


  1. Lovely boots! What a great blog!

    Be sure to check mine out too :)


  2. That is quite an awesome picture! The necklace is cool!and for some reason, I thought of Mulan when i saw these pictures.

  3. Love everything you're wearing today and thank you for showing me your tree. Vintage imong ornaments? :)

    Busy Tuesday for me. Pack and ship, cook binangkal for a friend, take photos and list new items in the store.


  4. Lili,thanks kaayo mah! Dili vintage oy pero bargain gihapon. There was a gift shop that was closing so %75 of my ornaments, all beaded, bejewelled wonders only cost me a dollar each. I'll take clearer photos for tomorrow.

    I'm going to check your etsy :D basin pa diay naa ko ma trippan.

  5. My fave!!! Just went througn miss sixty fall fashion and I've been looking for a mustard hat! ;p Mine is too dark shade of mustard - a steal from H&M for 3eu. Ooh! You were belts good xoxo!!!

  6. I like that necklace a lot. No, I'm not going to steal it and wear it. I'm not going to steal it for anyone else either.

  7. Thank you, Lovelee. There were two Miss Sixty boots that I am trying to find. One pair is prussian blue and the other pair is like pine green. Asia Argento was modeling it. So far no luck. I was looking for the green one when I came across the olive boots.

    BibiT, if you have to steal something then it better be for me and no one else...actually don't do anything for anybody else.