Monday, December 21, 2009

Bibi, It's Cold Outside

Fur boots that I've worn before. Rue 21 Olive Hoodie. Forever 21 Heritage Smock. Rue 21 Maroon Sweater. C-Pink Jeans

Bibi is the endearment Thad and I call each other. It is short for Bibikeef Pinanggaroo. True story. It was 32 degrees when I woke up this morning and it will be 64 later. Wet cold weather is not the way to start a Monday but it's a good Monday because it's Christmas week!!! Woooot! Actually, what am I wooting about? I'm not even done with gift shopping...But it's Christmas week!!!

Oh trying out to see how my photos look with or without Flash (both the superhero and the built in camera lighting) and the difference it makes on the colors. The one with Flash is the truest color but the one without has the right tone.

My iphone tells me it might snow Thursday but since Louisiana weather doesn't really follow weather reports, we will be wearing shorts on Christmas.

Happy Monday! (is a good band by the way)...

Necklace and smock detail


  1. HAHAH I love The Flash in that Photo!! Your outfit looks great! That dress Pulls all the Green..ish,red... I think thats red...... sure red, and blue together Very well!

  2. I have your gift! ;p where's mine???? :p ;p

  3. Bwehe, thanks Danny. I try sometimes.

    Bevlee, you get nothing from me but love. That's all that matters.

  4. She's already Love. So, she'll now be MORE Love.

    Bibi, you look so festive and elfy. Go make some toys for babies in your sweat... errr... workshop.

  5. :D Thad always says the sweetest things to his laundress. I will go make toys for me!!!

  6. It's Flash! I have a Flash figurine on my desk! ( I have deadpool too but no one knows who he is:-( ) You are hot as always.